Built upon a personal relationship over the years that has lasted approx 30 yrs.

David N, San Clemente

Like the customer service is always very helpful and work with us.

Curtis & Diana H, Rancho Santa Margarita

Every time I call to request some help, things are taken care of and I really appreciate their support. Customer service is excellent. They know me by name and things are taken care of immediately, which is very helpful for my busy schedule.

Fumiko I, Irvine

Judye is great! Very timely with responses and returning calls, and even does research for you to find out what kind of insurance you need! They always get the job done for me, without involving me in too much decision making. I like to deal with Judye, because she never drops the ball. She follows through, and that is so important in people's busy lives today.

Crystal R, San Juan Capistrano

For well over a decade you guys have been top notch! Overall, you guys have always been fast, courteous, helpful and most importantly made me feel well cared for in service and price. Personally, I don't like to think of car bills. Art and food and love are much more fun. I like BIA because i never have to think about it. you bill me, I pay. I need help, you are there and solve/resolve issues immediately with your excellent service and attitude. Pretty simple..less is more.

Paul V, San Juan Capistrano

I have received absolutely superb customer service from Leigh Zellmer numerous times with numerous issues and she has been tremendous- courteous, knowledgeable, accessible, and best of all...problem solving! With something as important as insurance, it is a great feeling to have the security that comes with Leigh's expertise. Thank you, Leigh!

Mia Cottet Savinien

I met Judith Blackwell in 1994, Blackwell Insurance Agency was highly recommended by a couple of work colleagues.

Blackwell Insurance Agency provide us with a positive experience, when they quickly identified alternative earthquake insurance providers, after our existing provider exited the business.

Blackwell Insurance Agency has always handled our policy changes in an efficient and timely manner.

Gary Prem