Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is a broad type of insurance that protects you from a wide variety of risks. It goes beyond the normal liability limits of standard home or auto insurance policies, and covers you for a higher amount against unpredictable risks.
Our umbrella insurance plans work hand in hand with your current policies to provide additional coverage for bodily injury and property damage, as well as other threats not covered under your regular policy. Because your current general liability policy may contain different limits than the coverage of your neighbor across the street, no one liability limit works for everyone.
Our agents can ensure that your custom umbrella plan extends your limits only as much as you actually need and no more.
Who needs an umbrella insurance plan? Just about anyone with assets. You may have a good homeowners policy, for example, but what happens should someone sue you over an accident that happened on your property, and the suit amount exceeds the limits of your policy? Who picks up the tab? You do…unless you have an umbrella plan.
Likewise, what happens if, as the result of an auto accident, you’re sued for more than the limits on your auto insurance? Who picks up the tab? You do…unless you have an umbrella plan. Fortunately, our umbrella plans are very reasonably priced, and in these especially litigious times, they’re protection that every driver or property owner should seriously consider.

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