Renters Insurance

With the real estate market in flux, many people are opting to rent these days in California and throughout the country. Whether you’re moving into an apartment, condo, duplex, or house, thinking you don’t need the added expense of Renters insurance can be a costly mistake.

Look, stuff happens. Fires can and do break out. Your landlord’s insurance covers the damage to the building, but your possessions are toast if they’re damaged in the flames. Do the math, and you’ll see that the cost to replace all of your personal items – from clothing and furniture to electronics and appliances – could be catastrophic.

Blackwell Insurance Agency offers Renters insurance to protect you from the unexpected. With a variety of coverage options, amounts, deductibles, and other selections to choose from, you can protect your property from a host of perils including damage resulting from fire, theft, smoke damage, water leakage, and more. The policy also includes Personal Liability, protecting you if someone is injured in your home.

Your landlord can sleep at night, but what about you?

Everybody knows someone who didn’t get Renters insurance until after an incident occurred – but that someone doesn’t have to be you. Give us a call at (949) 421-0222, email, or complete our quick and easy form for a free quote.

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