Motorcycle Insurance

Whether your motorcycle is your weekend relaxation machine or your daily means of beating the traffic, your bike – and you – need specialized insurance that offers protection from a variety of risks. Roll into Blackwell Insurance Agency, where our experienced professionals can tailor a Motorcycle policy just for you.

Because no two riders are alike, our experts will review a variety of factors that combine to indicate the insurance plan that fits your individual needs. The result: A policy that protects you from losses in event of an accident, theft, vandalism, and other causes.

We evaluate:

  • The value of your motorcycle
  • Your age (the older you are, the cheaper the rates – up to a point)
  • Your driving record
  • When you drive and park your bike
  • Security features (such as an alarm) on your bike
  • How frequently you ride
  • DMV or other classes you may have taken

Protect your wheels, easy rider.

Let the specialists at Blackwell Insurance Agency get you started on the road to a policy that fits both your wheels and your wallet. Call us at (949) 421-0222, email, or complete our quick and easy form for a free quote.