Investment Properties Insurance

You purchased an investment property as – well, an investment. So it’s counterproductive to be on the financial hook in the event of an accident or damage that might occur on, or to, your investment property. What’s more, if someone is injured while on your investment property or his or her property is damaged, you could be held responsible.

The next thing to invest in? Investment Properties insurance from Blackwell Insurance Agency. This policy protects you from financial losses involving your property.

Coverage typically extends to the building (such as a house, apartment, condominium, vacation rental, or other dwelling). You’ll be covered for events such as fire, flood, lightning, storm, explosion, theft, vandalism and malicious damage caused by renters or tenants, and other key occurrences. Available options include coverage for accidental damage, legal protection, the cost of alternative accommodation if the rental is unlivable, and contents coverage.

We help you invest in the best for less.

Selecting the policy that will provide adequate protection and liability coverage involves a careful analysis of your investment property, as well as knowledge of rebuilding costs vs. market value of your investment property. That’s why it’s best to seek the advice of a seasoned professional. Let the experts at Blackwell Insurance Agency work to get you what you need at an affordable price. Give us a call at (949) 421-0222, email, or complete our quick and easy form on this page.