Earthquake Insurance

California is the poster state for earthquakes. When things inevitably start to shake, rattle, and roll, you’ll want to make sure you are protected – because most standard Homeowners policies exclude damage from earthquakes. The experts at Blackwell Insurance Agency can explain it all.

Sold as a companion policy to your Homeowners coverage, Earthquake insurance offers:

  • Protection if your home and household possessions are damaged or destroyed in an earthquake.
  • Payment for living expenses should you need temporary accommodations while your home is being repaired or rebuilt.
  • Protection for renters, too, to replace their possessions and help them move on with their lives in the aftermath of a quake.

With many insurers capping coverage amounts and placing limits on claims, it’s important to select the right coverage or you may run the risk of not being able to return your home and possessions to their original state. Trust the professionals at Blackwell Insurance Agency to point you toward the most appropriate coverage at the best price.

The right coverage can keep you on firm ground.

Talk to us about how to protect your most valuable assets when things get really shaky. To learn more, call us at (949) 421-0222, email, or complete the form on this page.