Condo Insurance

“Going condo” gained major popularity in the 1970s, and the thought of owning a home with the amenities typically found in a California condominium still has wide appeal. However, many are unpleasantly surprised to find that they – not the condo association – are responsible for certain damages and losses.

For instance, the condo association’s policy may not cover additions made to your unit by prior owners after the complex was originally insured. So, upgrades to flooring, new wall coverings, renovations, and other alterations may not be covered in the event of a claim.

The experts at Blackwell Insurance Agency can explain what’s protected (and what’s not) by the association, and get you the complete coverage you need to insure your condo in the event of a future loss.

Condo insurance includes:

  • Liability insurance: Protects you from a loss if a visitor or neighbor slips or falls while in your condo.
  • Personal Property Protection: Protects your condo’s contents (e.g., furniture, clothing, etc.) in the event of an unexpected loss, such as fire or theft.
  • Loss Assessment: Protects you when the association’s coverage isn’t enough to cover damages to the entire building or from a lawsuit.

Also, Flood insurance is available if your condo is located in an area prone to flooding. Yes, it even happens here!

We’ve been insuring California condos for years.

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